Monday, January 31, 2005

Why Can't Dems Judge Character?

The overwhelmingly negative response to the election by the Democratic party suggest it is plain broken. How can anyone fail to be awed by the courage of the ordinary Iraqi people? They're fighting for the same democratic rights that allow Edward Kennedy and John Kerry to exist!

Billionaire George Soros is quoted today as saying:

Democratic challenger John Kerry was a flawed candidate.

Why didn't he know that from the get-go? Couldn't he read the man's self-hating body language? Didn't he care that Kerry was considered a creep by the men who saw him in action in Vietnam?

And how about Edward Kennedy? He left a girl to die and used his family clout to evade punishment. Yet he's a Democratic Establishment figure. What does that tell you about that Establishment?

Here's my theory: the once great Democratic Party has been infected by a memetic plague that actively promotes worthless individuals. I'll examine this in more detail in later posts.