Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Army Show Trial Judge Speaks Truth!

The judge in the Brit Army show trial of junior NCOs hints to the jury of 7 officers that it's all about Tony. He says.

The Prime Minister...had "not had the benefit of hearing all the arguments for both sides"

The consequences of their verdict…should not concern them.

Nor should they be influenced by "considerations of what is in the best interests of Her Majesty's Armed Forces".

Good man! This trial is entirely about Blair's image. Without the publication of photographs he would never have got involved & it would have been settled in the time honored way with black marks for the officers in the chain of command & bollocking for the men. As in Germany in 1944./45 - when captured SS troops and concentration camp guards got rather more than hazing - and in the string of counter-insurgency wars since then.

The judge correctly hints that the Brit Army will be damaged by making these men scapegoats. HM Armed Forces are watching this trial. And familes with members dead (84) or mutilated (790). They all have votes, too.