Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Democrat Memetic Plague

I mentioned dysfunctional Dems a while back & the evidence keeps rolling in. Look at the poor bastard the lefties drummed out of his press job. His crimes? He's gay, he's posted rude pictures of himself, he was an escort. And he didn't ask hostile questions in White House press briefings.

What's great is his dignity and moral clarity.

“I’ve made mistakes in my past,” he said yesterday. “Does my past mean I can’t have a future? Does it disqualify me from being a journalist?”

Good man, he'll be fine. But how do the lefties ignore their killers, liars & crooks? An interesting data point is hidden in this this lefty test, mentioned by Tim Blair. Drilling it to externalize its rules, I find that it will only flag you as a Bush voter if you believe:

"All People Are Fundamentally Bad".

That's what they say their enemies think, so by the usual transference rules that shows what they actually think of themselves. Good judges.