Saturday, February 05, 2005

Farewell Diplomad

The excellent Diplomad is closing down. Its sad departure occasions a review of the strengths of blogdom.

To me, good blogs provide some mixture of the following.

1. Hard fact - for example Iraqi bloggers posting what was happening on election day.
2. A moral compass. The Diplomad did this for me.
3. Funny commentaries, like Iowahawk & the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
4. Analysis, like Oraculations & Power Line.
5. Information clearing houses, like LGF and Instapundit.

What I found compelling about The Diplomad was that it did all of these things well.

It provided direct personal observation of the way the world works. The corrupt & pompous UN, the US response to the Tsunami, the weird assumptions of ex-allies.
Its values were explicit, exemplified by its Favorite 10 Lies post.
It was roaringly funny. Don Rumsfeld offers liberals their own personal Gitmo detainee. Plus it was splendidly judgmental: why couldn't aid receivers help themselves!
It did a meticulous fact collection- see the great post on global warming.

The Diplomad assures us that he's not been shut down by the State Department, and just wants to move on. Gandalf remains suspicious & is running all recent posts through decrypt entities. Just in case (for example) the first word of each sentence spells out ANNAN DONE IT. Rest assured that should this prove to be the case, Nanowarriors will swarm out to right the wrong.

So, farewell Diplomad, we'll miss you!