Thursday, February 03, 2005

Poor Bloody Infantry

The good news is one of the three soldiers being tried by the British Army for being rotten to Iraqi looters has been cleared. A key prosecution witness changed his evidence, ungrateful wretch.

The bad news is that two brave men are still stuck in the meat grinder.

The even worse news is that the Brit Attorney General, has announced that seven soldiers from the Parachute Regiment are to face court martial over the murder of an Iraqi civilian. The alleged event happened in Basra in May 2003, a time & place renowned for its tranquility. Of course the AG hasn't gotten around to telling all the soldiers that he plans to charge them. But he thought the public should know ASAP.

At this rate by 2010, every fighting soldier in the British Army will have been indicted by Blair & co for war crimes. Not the officers of course.