Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Song for Kofi

Tim Blair references Mark Steyn on the depravity of the UN Peacekeepers. He asks: Which is worse, lefties? Leashes or repeated rape? Michelle Malkin says "It's time to rethink the nearly half-billion dollars in aid we send to U.N. peace-keeping operations".

Rape?? Nooo, these poor Peacekeepers just lack self-esteem! Every army knows that good marching songs are crucial to morale, yet the UN has none! Accordingly, Gandalf offers this contribution to World Peace. To be sung by the Peacekeepers as they march from airport to 5-star hotel.

Zank evan for leettle girls
For leettle girls they cannot run away

Zank evan for leettle girls
We have ze guns, they do exactly what we say

Ze girls (and boys) we use for our grim reaping
Will die of AIDS, zat’s what we call “ le peacekeeping”

Zank evan for leettle girls
Even those so very small
We are the “UN”, we’re not the “WHO”
Zat makes us all ze bravest boys in blue!

Zank evan…Zank evan
Zank evan for leettle girls

(With sincerest apologies to the memory of Maurice Chevalier).