Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Voting Labour

Giles reports that the great Mark Steyn would vote Labour if he lived in Britain, because in spite of his party's many defects, Blair was Right on the Iraq War.

I thoroughly agree with Giles' counter-argument that Blair leads & is hostage to a political party that makes the Dems look like patriotic conservatives.

I'd also argue that Blair was not right on the Iraq war. He delayed the US assault 6 months by forcing Bush to jump through the hoops that the US's implacable enemies set in the UN. That delay cost a lot of lives. He must have known this would happen, and in fact Steyn has noted this. Blair's support did not extend to sending a viable force mix, so that excellent British combat troops ended up working as cops & prison guards, with inevitable consequences.

There are other reasons to doubt Blair's friendship for the US.

1. He is a key supporter of the European Rapid Reaction Force (don't laugh), the French vehicle to dismantle NATO.

2. He's now working to prevent any military action against the horrible Iranian regime, when he must know that leaving them in place will lead to a (thermo)nuclear exchange with the Israelis.

3. He's attempting to use his political capital with the US to get it to support the Kyoto Treaty, a weapon that specifically targets the US.

And, for me the killer is that Blair never vacations in the US - instead choosing EUnuch retreats in France & Italy. Which is why my vote would go to Gordon Brown, who always does.

Which means supporting Labur led by Brown following Blair's imminent exit. Brown has the balls to run Labour from (Brit) right-of-center.

The alternative is to support the supposedly right wing Tory party, which sadly is self-destructing under the leadership by an authoritarian anti-American creep.