Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is It Good Science To Kill Crippled People?

NewEagle has a splendid photo of a pro-US poster at a demo in San Diego. Also a quote from The Guardian on the Terri Schiavo case which intones:

...(it) marks another milestone in President Bush's campaign for faith over fact. More concerned with the wonder of miracles than Schiavo's 15-year irreversible vegetative state, Bush and his allies have blithely overturned multiple court decisions to maintain artificial feeding and let evangelical populism triumph over medical opinion.

Hmm, I hope the Guardian's scientific super-brains know about the Placebo effect (hat tip Giles), which the New Scientist this week rates as Number 1 of the 13 Things that do not make sense. It says:

DON'T try this at home. Several times a day, for several days, you induce pain in someone. You control the pain with morphine until the final day of the experiment, when you replace the morphine with saline solution. Guess what? The saline takes the pain away.

Does this mean that Science doesn't know everything there is to know about human physiology? Because, if so, people might just recover from comas. And that would make terminating them murder...