Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hold the Car!

Looks like a news shutdown on the Italian-Secret-Service-Commie-journalist-ransomer killing. So here are a few data points to fill the void.

1. Looks like a classic cock-up. Secret Service folks the world over hate giving telling anyone anything - it makes them feel sooo important to have Secrets. An Italian with his mandatory Bella Figura would be even worse. Think about it - all he had to do was to tell the Coalition Force Protection authorities what he was doing, when he was doing it, and to look out for his car on the road to the airport. Then everybody would have been fine. But it would not have been cool. Hence a classic Identification friendly fire incident.

2. The Italian driver says he was driving at 25 MPH, whereas a US official said he was driving at over 100 MPH. Anyone who has ever driven it Italy will credit the US version. Plus, the car is a modern Nissan & will have engine management software with memory - so a quick diagnostic will prove who is right. One source said that there was plan to ship the car to Italy. Bad Idea. Get a technician over from Japan ASAP!

3. The only useful witness statements are a) the soldiers on the roadblock and b) the driver. Forget the reporter, the kindest thing one can say is that she's in shock. Less charitably, she's on the side of the head hackers.

4. It looks to me that 5.56mm M-16 rounds were fired at the vehicle. In automatic mode the M-16 fires 3 rounds per trigger pull, and if the vehicle was moving very fast, the US soldiers would only have time for a couple of bursts. Anything with a bigger caliber would produce a Marvin-in-Pulp-Fiction effect, which would have visibly messed up the car and its passengers.