Friday, March 18, 2005

Joe Bob Briggs

It's Friday evening, time to chill out.

Some years ago I was marooned in the Bay Area. Great runs, restaurants, people, earthquakes. This was pre - WWW, and there was the usual US Lefty Local Paper problem. The San Francisco Chronicle was as smug and lefty as they come, and I could only bring myself to buy it on Sundays. And the only 2 columns I could be sure to enjoy were a) the weather report and b) Joe Bob Briggs.

Joe Bob reviewed my kind of niche movie - Drive Ins. Trashy, preferably science fiction, incompetently made and scripted with a reasonable amount of sex & violence. And he wrote the best Management Summaries in the world. He kept me sane.

Due to PTSD, I'd forgotten all about it until today Powerline referenced his review of a wonderfully horrible Patti Davis movie. And guess what? Turns out he's still alive and reviewing!

Here's his bottom line in a recent review:

Forty-nine dead bodies. Five gunbattles. Three crash-and- burns. Four motor vehicle chases. One sucker punch. Two body- transformation scenes. One hydrogen explosion. One Viking funeral. One peasant riot. Flaming church. Flaming car. Upside- down crucifixion. Grotesque insect destruction. Doll-stomping. Gratuitous shipwrecks. Kung Fu. Grenade Fu. Bazooka Fu.

Check him out!