Saturday, March 05, 2005

KKK's Killers

KKK Livingston gives us an insight into the soul of a Jew-bating liar who condones killers.

KKK says:

Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, is a war criminal who should be in prison, not in office. Israel's own Kahan commission found that Sharon shared responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila massacres.

These 1982 massacres were carried out by the Phalangist Lebanese Christian militia. The Israelis, unlike their Arab neighbors, take mass killing seriously and held an inquiry. It reported:

"responsibility is to be imputed to the minister of defense (Ariel Sharon) for not ordering appropriate measures for preventing or reducing the danger of massacre as a condition for the Phalangists' entry into the camps."

So, Sharon is censured not for doing something, but for failing to prevent something. A Belgian court spun this into a War Crimes indictment.

Unaccountably, the Belgian court failed to investigate the "shared responsibility" the EU's French and Dutch "Peacekeepers" in the Serbian murder of 7,000 men and rape of thousands of children and women at Srebrenica in 1995. The French and the Dutch promised to defend these people, then pulled out when the Serbs showed up.

Perhaps Sharon's failure to stop Sabra and Shatila is similar to the IRA's failure to stop their spin-off Real IRA's slaughter at Omar. KKK has consistently supported the IRA killers, and kept a low profile on this one. It was a typical IRA kill: they phoned in a bomb scare on a busy shopping day that herded the shoppers on top of their IED, which they then detonated. The toll of 30 dead included at least 15 women, one of whom was pregnant, and an 18-month-old toddler, torn apart by the blast.