Monday, March 14, 2005

The Loss of the UK (1)

The US faces the loss of the UK, its only real ally in Europe, into an integrated European Union. Most (but not all) Americans don't realize how bad this will be for the US. This is the first of several posts analyzing the problem and suggesting what the US can do about it.

Here’s the overview.:

1. The UK is a very successful Information Age economy.
2. However it has suffered a progressive loss of its sovereignty to the EU since joining it in 1973.

3. The EU is a corrupt and undemocratic institution centered around a core of declining nations.
4. The Brits get to vote on the new EU Constitution some time before the end of next year.

5. Right now ratification seems unlikely. But Tony Blair is its prime advocate and will deploy the entire government machine to get a positive result. And opposition, although widespread, is fragmented and vulnerable.
6. And even if the British reject the proposal, the EU & Blair will likely ignore their decision.
7. The non-Blair consensus is that the EU Constitution will lose the Brits control of their economy, their armed forces, and their foreign policy to an anti-American European elite.
8. This will leave the US in an extremely dangerous position.
9. The good news is, the US can prevent this happening.

I’ll post on these 9 points over the next several days - to get your attention, the next post looks at point 8, the cost to the US of losing the UK.