Monday, March 07, 2005

MSM Bias Pit (Final)

Life is too short to waste posts on the bottomless pit of media bias, and I promise this is the last. But I couldn't resist this on CBS in today's LA Times:

Less than two months before the election, Rather, a correspondent on "60 Minutes Wednesday," presented a report that suggested Bush received preferential treatment while serving in the Texas Air National Guard. It was based, in part, on documents that could not be authenticated.

Could not be authenticated indeed! Just in case anyone reading this doesn't know, Rather's case rested on 4 documents purported to be written in 1972 & 1973 that were beyond all reasonable doubt produced using default settings of Microsoft Word. Which was launched ten years later in September 1983. I recall about then Bill Gates explained to me over lunch his intention to spend $10 Million on launching Word to consumers. I was taken aback at the amount of money (Microsoft revenues were only about $50 Million), and the radical step of advertising to consumers rather than businesses.


1. CBS and Rather were incompetent and probably malignant.
2. Since they still won't come clean & admit forgeries, they're at the bottom of the pit.
3. CBS employees on this story must be 70s-style grandees who've never used a typewriter or PC.
4. Bill Gates deserves every cent of his success. He thought & acted ahead of the pack.