Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Improved Link List!

I’ve re-assessed my Links, and now include only those providing good facts and accurately informed comment.

Sites that tell lies are promptly dropped, here is my current black list:

* Der Spiegel (see yesterday)
* Every US major newspaper except the Washington Times and WSJ
* Every US News channel except for Fox
* All the agencies, notably Associated Press
* The UK’s Guardian and Mirror

I only list sites that support… freedom and liberty, low taxes, less government, high social capital, and strong national defense, for the US and the UK. And which oppose our adversaries: the UN, the EU, China & the goat molesters.

I’ve grouped the links into News and Comment, subdividing Comment into those updating Daily & Weekly.

I use Opera & open all my Daily News links as tabs in a single browser instance, all the Daily Comment in another instance and all the Weekly Comment in a third. Needs decent broadband of course. Can’t imagine how I’d manage with IE.

The order in each category reflects my personal view of value-add.

Daily News

Update frequency is coded as frequent (hourly), intermittent (3 hourly), and daily.

* WSJ. Objective news, good opinion (barring the Kerfuffle) with frequent updates. You have to pay and it doesn’t work with Opera.
* London Daily Telegraph. Excellent news & in-depth reporting. Intermittent updates.
* Fox News. OK, but has lefty AP posts. Frequent updates.
* Washington Times. Good data & comment. Daily updates.
* Drudge. Window on world press, including lefties. Frequent updates.
* DEBKA. Off the wall, but useful snippets. Intermittent updates (during Mossad coffee breaks?).
* Jerusalem Post. Good facts & frequent updates.

Daily Comment

* Mark Steyn. Incomparable - well reasoned comment backed by great research.
* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Excellent vent.
* American Spectator. Always a pleasure.
* EU Serf. Model blog - meticulous research & acute comment on the EUnuchs.
* Oraculations. Excellent nuggets on Middle East reality and military.
* New Sisyphus. State Department insider. Can be long-winded (unlike myself, ahem). Replaced murdered (?)Diplomad but lacks its local color.
* Daily Demarche. State Department insider, with good opinion pieces.
* Michelle Malkin. I think she adds more value than LGF & Instapundit.
* No Pasaran. Excellent research & analysis from France or Switzerland.
* Defense Tech. Good data, but a bit lefty.
* Tech Central. Golden when contributors bring facts as well as opinion.
* Samizdata. Libertarian collective. Good nuggets.
* Command Post. US-centric military news consolidator.
* LGF. Excellent news consolidator.
* Instapundit: Similar to LGF, but enough difference to keep both interesting.
* Powerline. From Minneapolis, my favorite American city.
* Jacob's Room. Life In The City for rightish-30-something in London.
* Tim Blair. Great comments - gets wound up demolishing local lefties, but guess someone has to.

Weekly Comment

* Ann Coulter. The High Priestess, she posts Thursdays.
* Iraq the Model. Our heroes.
* Bruce Schneier. All you need to know about developments in security technology.
* Privacy International. Excellent monitor of US and UK governments' intrusions on the privacy of their citizens.
* Tim Worstall. Sardonic commentary on UK issues.
* City Journal. Excellent military, politics, I think it’s published monthly.
* Iowa Hawk. Best blog satirist.
* Global Security. Military facts, coverage has mild lefty bias.
* The England Project. Great blog on the erosion of English liberties by Blair & the EUnuchs. Good facts, incisive comment.
* Expat Yank. An expat American’s bemused view of UK politics and media.
* Social Affairs Unit. Erudite Brit site, many nuggets. If only one didn't have to scroll down for the latest posts!
* Strategy Page. Just added, so it’s on probation. Has good military coverage.