Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Brit Election

I hope the Conservatives win - not because they have a great platform, but because a Blair win locks the Brits into the Franco/German dominated, corrupt, despotic, America-hating, economically declining, tyrant- and felon- loving EU. Did I miss anything?

There are other views. Mark Steyn says:

I'm one of those who think France's Euro-referendum will be much more decisive than the UK's general election when it comes to determining how Britain is governed. If the French reject the European Constitution, they'll have rejected it for these islands as well. If they sign up for it, it will probably be a fait accompli for the British, too.

I disagree - France is a predator nation. If their EU referendum fails, Chirac and the French will find a way round it. Because the EU is France writ large, and French people understand that.

Alternatively, Giles despises the Conservative leader for his obsession with ID cards.

I will not vote for any party that supports the introduction of ID cards. This (among other things) rules out Labour.

I also will not vote for a Conservative party that takes no manifesto position on the issue; their current leader's explicit support makes clarity an essential.

But that means Blair wins and the Brits get his fascist ID card system (hat tip Samizdata). If a Conservative government introduces an ID card, at least the Brits can then vote them out & get the scheme scrapped. If Blair wins, they don't get to vote again.

Here's a metaphor.

When you learn to give emergency aid, you are repeatedly told that, whatever happens, you must first clear the casualty's airway. Regardless of whether they have gushing wounds, terrible burns, broken back or limbs, or even if their breathing and/or heart have stopped. Because if the airway is blocked, no air can get in, and they'll be brain-dead in 3 minutes.

Stopping Blair is a "clear the airway" operation - if he wins, the rest is silence.