Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brit Judge Wisdom

Hat tip LGF. Brits can sleep sound this night.

At the Old Bailey yesterday Mr Justice Fulford told Badat, who had admitted conspiring to blow up an airliner at a hearing in February, "that the plot was truly appalling".

''Your joint objective was the murder of hundreds of unsuspecting men, women and children who happened by chance and bad luck to be traveling on the airliner selected by the conspiracy."

The Judge powers on:

"I accept that your change of heart at the beginning of December 2001 was wholly genuine. Although in 2001 you posed a grave risk to the public, in 2005 you no longer do so."

Imagine that! His defense counsel clarifies it all:

"It was his faith which in a sense took him to the brink of disaster and at the same time it was his faith in the end which pulled him back." Badat, he added, wanted to send a message to those minded to use force, that "they should have the courage to turn away''.

Judge Fulford sent the guy down for 13 years and he'll be out in 8. At 300 dead, that's under 10 days playing table tennis per planned person death.

Al Queda is toast.