Thursday, April 07, 2005

DUlitzer Photo Prize

Here are Pultizer prize and other photos, presented in a moral context.

Men fought and died

Fallujah - U.S. Marines pray over a fellow Marine killed while fighting insurgent strongholds. (Photo by Murad Sezer, April 8, 2004.) ©Associated Press

And were murdered

Election Worker Killing
Baghdad - A gunman, left, shoots an Iraqi election worker during an attack on Haifa Street, a base of Sunni Arab insurgents. About 30 men attacked a car carrying five of the workers, executing three at point blank range. (Photo by AP stringer, December 19, 2004.) ©Associated Press

So that ordinary people


An Iraqi woman holds her child while voting at a polling station in the center of Az Zubayr, southern Iraq. (© AP/WWP)

Could free themselves

An Iraqi woman holds up her hand, and shows a purple finger, indicating she has just voted, as she leaves a polling station in the centre of Az Zubayr, southern Iraq. (© AP/WWP)

And their future

From Rusten Currie on patrol in Iraq