Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hasta La Vista Fox News

I've reluctantly concluded that Fox News is irrecoverably polluted by Associated Press & have removed them from my blogroll.

Here's how Fox/AP described Terri Schiavo's death today.

Terri Schiavo Cremated Amid Family Feud

Terri Schiavo, 41, died Thursday after the removal of the feeding tube that had kept her alive since 1990, when she suffered brain damage that court-appointed doctors determined had placed her in a persistent vegetative state (search). Her parents had fought in court to keep her alive, disputing the doctors' opinions and saying there was hope of improvement.

Here's how the Brit Daily Telegraph reported the same event:

Michael Schiavo in hiding after death threats

Michael Schiavo, 41, is under guard three days after his disabled wife died from dehydration at a Florida hospice.

She had spent 13 days without food or water after a United States judge upheld Mr Schiavo's claim that she would not have wished to continue life in a persistently vegetative state.

The essential difference is that AP/Fox obscures that Michael Schiavo caused this death, while the Telegraph makes that clear.

The AP bias on Fox has been bugging me for months. Back before the November attack on Fallujah, every AP/Fox story repeated the untruth that the USMC assault in May had been "fought to a standstill" by the head hackers. I (and no doubt many others) emailed Fox with links to their coverage of the May fighting, which reported that the USMC had pulled back on instructions from the new Iraqi Provisional Government.

I'll sample Fox monthly and will reinstate them if they dump AP.