Monday, April 04, 2005

I Don't Think So

If the Washington Post informs the elite, the US is in big trouble. It reports:

A new database suggests that House members have generally preferred visiting Europe (old Europe, not new) when traveling abroad on the public's dime.

The watchdog group PoliticalMoneyLine found that lawmakers have logged 701 taxpayer-funded trips to the United Kingdom since 1994, making it the single-most popular destination for representatives on official business. It was followed by Italy (467), France (409), Germany (395), Belgium (250), Russia (248), Turkey (185), Spain (182), Kuwait (173) and South Africa (166).

When I last asked the genial Mr. Rumsfeld, the UK and Italy and Spain (until last year) were New Europe - say 1300 visits if we assume 50 visits since March 04 to commie Espana. Which leaves visits to Old Europe as those to France, Germany, Belgium plus the 50 to Espana -1104 visits. And, Russia, Turkey, Kuwait and South Africa are sort of Not Europe.

Now, 1300 is a bigger number than 1104. I guess they aren't called Dimocrats for nothing.