Friday, April 22, 2005

It Could Happen To The US

The US could have a Dimocrat Congress and President in 08. If they follow the example of the EU, they'll lock themselves in power and the US will begin to fade away. Then it gets worse...

James Taranto today remarks:

...for the Democratic left, the U.N. is useful and worthy of respect only insofar as it acts as an obstacle to American leadership and an opponent of American interests.

Here's a thought experiment on what an America-hating President Hillary Rodham might do after election in 08

1. President Rodham agrees to extend NAFTA to form an American Union (AU) with Canada and Mexico, progressively ceding sovereignty on defense, foreign policy, the environment, taxation and most law making. EU President Tony Blair provides constitutional guidance.

2. Vigorous counter-AU-laws are passed in all red States, but these are ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Republican attempts to impeach the Supreme Court fail. The Court rules these attempts unconstitutional and the offending Congressmen and women are themselves impeached and removed from office.

3. The leaders of the 3 nations appoint an AU Commission, with power to develop and impose Directives across the AU, subject to broad guidelines set by the 3 leaders.

4. The 3 leaders nominate Bill Clinton as President of the AU Commission. This keeps him out of the White House.

5. The AU Commission chooses Montreal for its headquarters. Thousands of female "blow dodgers" flee to Europe but are forcibly repatriated.

6. Justifying her order withdrawing all US forces from abroad, President Rodham declares "the end of phallocentric muscular foreign policy" and disbands many military units, including the USMC.

7. The first Commission Directive makes citizen gun ownership illegal in the AU. US guns are collected with the help of Mexican and Canadian armed forces. Dan Rather, at the helm of a newly invigorated CBS, reports that this proceeds peacefully, and cites authentic letters from Americans celebrating their new freedom from guns.

8. To ensure democratic legitimacy, an AU Congress is established, with 626 representatives elected by the 3 member nations in proportion to their populations.

9. The location of the AU Congress rotates on a 6 month cycle between Montreal and Cancun. The latter ensures that Mexico gets some of the ample hospitality spending by AU Congresspeople (each of whom gets an annual $400,000 tax free, unaudited expense account).

10. For the purposes of AU Congress elections, the US is divided into 11 Administrative Regions (ARs). The AU Commission appoints Jimmy Carter to the thankless task of defining the US ARs. They turn out to be quite complicated.

11. In line with the EU, Americans elect their AU Congresspeople using the d' Hondt system. Party officials in each AR create Party Lists of candidates so voters just need to select their Party. Purists object to this transfer of power to the activists that control the Party Lists, but the NYT calls it "a minority-friendly simplification". Since the AU Congress has little power, opposition is muted.

12. The AU Commission appoints war hero John Kerry as Defense Minister, where he starts the delicate process of merging the armed forces of the 3 nations. For safekeeping, he transfers all US military records to vaults in Montreal and cleanses them of unnecessary material.

13. An AU Supreme Court is created with absolute power to overrule the judiciaries of the 3 nations. Selected members of the old US, Canadian and Mexican Supreme Courts are elevated to the AUSC. After a surprise win in the lottery for naturalization as an American citizen, the international sage Kofi Annan is appointed first chairperson of the AUSC.

14. The Commission mandates an AU Arrest warrant, which enables law enforcement agencies in each of the 3 nations to arrest people in the other 2. So Canada and Mexico can arrest US citizens in the US, take them to their own countries and try them for crimes under Canadian or Mexican law. This includes trying them for acts which would not be crimes under US law.

15. A number of Bush Neocons are arrested and taken to Canada and tried for offenses under recently-enacted Canadian War Crimes laws. Arrested felons include Donald H. Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton. The seat vacated by Wolfowitz at the World Bank is filled by Pascal Lamy of the EU.

16. Under an early AU Directive, the US signs up to Kyoto Protocol (2), and work starts on dismantling the remnant of the US manufacturing base and reducing its power generating capacity by 50%. Power rationing begins across the US with the exception of Maryland, Northern Virginia, Boston and Manhattan.

17. China successfully conquers Taiwan, after destroying its defenses with nuclear weapons, at the cost of 3 million lives. Australia and Japan protest, but AU President Clinton describes the action as "a necessary crackdown".

18. Following pressure from a resurgent Russia, the AU enters negotiations to return Alaska.

19. IRA-style uprisings by Hispanics opposing US rule begin in California, Texas, and New Mexico. Insurgents are tacitly supported by Mexico, which provides sanctuary and weapons. After pressure from her AU partners, President Rodham declares that the US has "no selfish interest" in these states. Negotiations on Mexican/US power sharing start under an EU mediator.

20. Iran demands that all Jews vacate Israel. President Rodham joins with Jane Fonda to ask the Israelis to "give peace a chance". After Israel refuses, Iran detonates nuclear weapons over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, killing 40% of Israelis. France obtains a UN resolution demanding Israelis show realism and depart, and threatens them with French nuclear forces.Surviving Israelis execute Operation Masada, destroying 32 Arab cities and Paris.

21. Oh, and ex-Senator Joseph Biden is appointed AU Anti-Corruption Czar with a big office in Montreal.