Monday, April 25, 2005

Late Spring in the Southern Med

Yesterday, to cheer up/irritate the folks in the snowy Midwest, I was going to post some pictures of our sunny courtyard. Then the image server went south.

So readers will just have to imagine themselves lounging in a sun-drenched, geranium and rose bedecked, ancient, stone courtyard, surrounded by expectant green lizards. The lizards are expectant because the fragrant Mrs G has gotten them into the bad habit of begging, by feeding them scraps - they're particularly partial to cheese. I have no idea why they have gone green - last year they were stone colored.

We also have an arthritic cricket, about 6 inches long which has a habit of getting in the way. A friend insists it's really a locust. Seems unlikely, since locusts are supposed to swarm in millions and inflict biblical-scale catastrophes. Whereas this one doesn't seem to eat anything, just sits on it own and gets in the way. Is there a French species of locust?.