Sunday, April 10, 2005

Lest We Forget

It's 60 years since Lieutenant John Randall, then a 24-year-old Brit SAS officer, discovered the Nazi death camp at Belsen. After relating the horrors he encountered, and the Brit relief effort, he has this to say.

"The world lost some of the finest and brightest individuals on earth. And what hurts me is the fact that they cannot be brought back. It is beyond comprehension that the Germans sought to exterminate such a wonderful race, which has contributed so much over the centuries. They will never recover from this barbarity. We must never forget what the Jews suffered.''

Just over a year later on July 22 1946, Jewish terrorists hanged two Brit Sergeants in revenge for the execution of some of their fellows for murder.

John Randall embodies the best of Brit fighting spirit and forbearance. In contrast, the United Nations, which granted Israel its independence in 1948 has since passed:

... more than 400 U.N. resolutions gratuitously targeted tiny democratic Israel -- without equal condemnation of its autocratic neighbors or concern for China's annexation of Tibet or Russia's absorbing the disputed Sakhalin Islands.

Without the Anglo nations, the world would be one big death camp.