Sunday, April 03, 2005

Looks Like Murder

It gets worse. If we believe this report, Terri Schiavo was responsive to voice just before she died. Any First Aider will tell you that means she was conscious.

A leading Catholic priest who visited Terri Schiavo on two separate occasions in the hours before her death says Terri was in a weakened medical condition from 13 days of starvation but was responsive until her death. The disabled woman even prayed with her family.

When he prayed, Pavone said "She was very responsive -- closing her eyes when I said, 'Let's pray together, Terri,' opening them up after the prayer."

He indicated Terri was smiling and "returning the kiss of her father" as well as "turning her eyes to me when I spoke to her."

Here's how First Aiders run a Primary Survey of a casualty:

Say "Can you hear me?". If they answer, flag them as Conscious and Aware. If they don't respond..

Say "Open your eyes". If they do, note them as Conscious and Responsive to Voice.

If this priest is telling the truth, Terri was conscious after 13 days of dehydration. Killing a conscious being must surely be murder, even in the perverted logic of Florida courts.