Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

On October 21 1805, the British Navy commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated the Combined Fleets of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar.

Nelson of course died as the battle was won, but his strategic and tactical genius, inspired and aggressive seamanship, resolute leadership and immense personal courage broke the back of Napoleon's empire.

There are many celebrations scheduled, the biggest being the International Fleet Review off Portsmouth, of 156 warships from 40 nations. Hope the French come - check out their alternative history here.

Expat Yank shows how Brit Liberal pols would have Stopped The Violence.

NB, in the ETF Ecosystem:

Horatio Nelson was a Spiny Norman
Spain was a Kierkegaard (in consequence, the country is now absolutely whippet-free)
France was a Dinsdale Piranha (and remains so to this day)
Napoleon was a Doug Piranha