Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mediterranean Spring (3)

All the cherry blossoms came out Friday, as no doubt they do every year. Seemed appropriate though for the Pope's funeral - most folks here stayed home to watch it on TV.

Today it's in the 70s (20s N), clear, cool breeze, great running weather. The stone walls between fields are now totally covered with spring flowers, most unrecognizable to my manly eye - lots of reds and blues have joined the yellows.

Found an air museum that restores WW2 Brit and US planes and have signed up to help out - I'm particularly interested in finding an example of the Mark 2C Gyro Gunsight.

This was the first (non bombing) targeting computer. Introduced in 1944, it enabled Brit and US piston-engined fighters to shoot down two of the much faster Me 262 jets for every one allied loss. Think about it - all that effort the Nazis put into building a completely new airplane, developing the jet engines, deploying and supporting. And it gets whacked by an inexpensive piece of computer wizardry.

Modern equivalent is the JDAM, a cheap retrofit that massively improves lethality.

I hope we're being as creative in figuring out how to de-fang the Iranians.

Oops, this was supposed to be a fluffy bunny post...