Saturday, April 02, 2005

Murdering Mullahs

If you weren't sure if the Mullahs should have nukes, this might help (hat tip No Pasaran).

TORONTO - A Canadian photojournalist was beaten, tortured and raped before she died two years ago while in custody in Iran, a former Iranian army doctor who examined her said Thursday.

Shahram Azam said he examined Zahra Kazemi, a 54-year-old Canadian freelance journalist of Iranian origin, in a military hospital in Tehran on June 26, 2003, and noticed horrific injuries to her entire body that could only have been caused by torture and rape. It was just days after she was arrested for taking photographs outside a Tehran prison during student-led protests against the ruling theocracy.

I flagged earlier that the Mullahs hang little girls in the town square and stone teenagers to death. Now we know they rape and murder women. Makes them consistent.

I hope we have a good war plan to take these monsters down.