Friday, April 15, 2005

The New Exit Strategy

In the killing stakes, it's looking good for dehydration & bad for lethal injection (hat tip today's OpinionJournal).

Dehydration shut out lethal injection in sunny Florida. Now it seems lethal injection doesn't cut it for murderers, so look for dehydration to corner that market. Now the New York Anti Runner League has joined the bandwaggon.

"Experts Say Ending Feeding Can Lead to a Gentle Death" - New York Times, March 20
To many people, death by removing a feeding tube brings to mind the agony of starvation. But medical experts say that the process of dying that begins when food and fluids cease is relatively straightforward, and can cause little discomfort.
"U.S. Executions by Lethal Injection May Not Be Humane" -
HealthDay News, April 14

Prisoner executions by lethal injection in the United States may not be painless or humane, and may not even meet veterinary standards for putting down animals.

"Study Cautions Runners to Limit Their Water Intake" - New York Times, April 14

After years of telling athletes to drink as much liquid as possible to avoid dehydration, some doctors are now saying that drinking too much during intense exercise poses a far greater health risk.

Still, deydration lacks major international endorsement. How about Hamas switching from suicide bombing to gently warming their victims to death in ovens?