Saturday, April 30, 2005

Road Trip

As mentioned earlier, Mrs G and I fly out in the morning to an extended foreign language course. We may find ourselves in a broadband & hotspot-free zone.

Still the cooking will be good, and I'll be able to keep everybody laughing, laughing with my Chirac/Schroeder/Giuliana Sgrena jokes.

Worst case, I'm back on line on May 17, by which time the following should have happened.

1. The White House will have taken the RINOs on the Senate Judiciary Committee to the woodshed and John Bolton will be nominated. Not that the UN matters, but the Man has to show who is in charge.

2. Blair will probably have been elected, but by a slim enough majority to have him hand over to Brown. Who might just refuse to sign up on the Euro Constitution. Either way, we'll know where we are.

3. Volker will have pulled the plug on Annan.