Saturday, April 16, 2005

Running & Hydration

This will only be interesting to runners.

The NYT article suggested that runners drink too much water, and this can lead to unconsciousness and death. Which cuts against the conventional wisdom which says that excessive fluid loss in running can lead to shock, unconsciousness & ulimately death.

Still, by the law of averages, the NYT has to be right sometime.

So I checked it out this morning, halving pre-run hydration to a Brit pint (about 0.5 liters). Got Mrs G to agree to take out contracts on entire NYT Editorial Board if I croaked, then did 8 leisurely miles in 72 degrees (22 N). There was a slight breeze, so equivalent to high 60s (19N).

It was fine - only side effect was unusual joint pain. Probably nothing to do with hydration, unless that effects the amount of fluid in inter-joint pads.

Will continue the experiment and report.