Friday, April 01, 2005

Sacred Songs in the Cathedral

This evening we joined a concert of sacred music at our cathedral - it's 500 years old, symmetrical, ornate, majestic and has superb acoustics. There were over 50 singers supported by 12 instrumentalists.

Their Caccini Ave Maria comforted, as ever. I thought of Terri and the other innocents slaughtered this day and every day in our imperfect world. They are now at peace.

The choir concluded with Rossini's In Sempiterna Saecula (Stabat Mater). It crashed over us in great waves, a shout of defiance against evil. I thought of adulterous husbands, necrophiliac lawyers, Southern Baptist hanging judges, the 60% of Americans who wanted her so terribly killed.

Afterward, the audience contributed to a charity that rescues damaged children. Then we had dinner with the exhausted choir and now Mrs G is auditioning with them! A good end to a sad day.