Friday, April 08, 2005

Saving Europe: Criminalize Sinn Fein

US political and financial support for the IRA is a major cause of Brit distaste for US policies. In contrast, the Germans and French have been steadfast allies against IRA terror for 30 years. The issue helps the Brit supporters of the EU and undermines Brit Atlanticists.

The President's exclusion of the Sinn Fein leader Adams from his St Patrick's day guest list was welcome but late. And it's probably left many Americans thinking that Sinn Fein is a good cause gone temporarily bad.

First, the IRA and Sinn Fein are the same.

On February 20, 2005, Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell publicly named Adams as a member of the seven-man ruling IRA army council...According to the British government, Adams has been a member for over twenty years.

IRA/Sinn Fein runs a Fear Society, like the PLO. It kills, maims, intimidates its people & uses the Brits as its external enemy to maintain control.

Imagine how you would feel if the Brits had provided money and political support to people who had done this to Americans (this is just a sample):

1978: Exploded a napalm IED at the annual dinner of a Collie Dog Club. Killed 12, terribly.

1979: Killed the Queen's uncle, Louis Mountbatten, with his grandsons. He was the Brit equivalent of Eisenhower in their fight against the Japanese.

1982: Machine-gunned the elderly congregation of a Pentecostal Church , killing 3.

1984: Almost killed Maggie Thatcher in a bomb attack. If they'd been successful, Bush 41 might well have "wobbled" and Saddam would have stayed in Kuwait & got his nukes.

1993: Bombed London’s financial district, causing $1 billion of damage.

1969 to date: Killed 719 servicemen and women with sniper (gut-shots for women) and bomb attacks, ambushes, booby traps, petrol bombs and kidnapping followed by torture and murder. Adjusting for population, this would be 4,000 US soldiers.

1969 to date: Killed 1100 civilians and police.

I most always agree with Mark Steyn, but he's absolutely wrong on the IRA, saying:

it was the London and Dublin governments, not Washington, that decided they were going to accommodate the IRA

Actually, Slick Willie and Teddy Kennedy started the appeasement by inviting Sinn Fein leaders to the US in 1993. The Brit Prime Minister was so mad at this, he refused to take SW's call. There followed a period of massive arm twisting, details of which won't emerge for a while. At the end, the Brits agreed to be nice to the killers.

Enough. The US eventually designated the IRA as terrorist organization, after 9/11. Now they should add Sinn Fein and interdict its US supporters.

Incidentally, about 50% of Americans with Irish ancestry are Scotch Irish. They're the ones the IRA kills.