Friday, April 01, 2005

Saving Europe: Follow The Money

Disrupting the core of the EU means disrupting the individuals that control it. These folks are called commissioners, and are a mix of disgraced or failed pols from the component states. They are based in Brussels.

Here's an example of the weird way they express their directives.

They pay no taxes, get top-of-the-line free private education and child care for their progeny. They like money and are not popular.

If NAFTA were like the EU, it would be headquartered in Montreal, would have Al Gore and Mike Dukakis as commissioners and John Kerry and Sandy Berger would be headed there. Sounds a nice way of getting painful folks out the way, but the EU shows that they bite you in the ass.

The EU is corrupt and in November last year:

The European Union's financial watchdog refused to sign off the Brussels budget yesterday for the tenth year in a row, finding that 93.4 per cent of spending was either unsafe or riddled with errors.

Corrupt organizations have corrupt people in them. And corrupt people have money to hide. And so one of the first things the US should do is to follow that money.

Europeans hide their ill-gotten fains in either Switzerland, France or just possibly Panama (like the UN oil-for-palaces guy). Here's what I'd do. First, get an A team of auditors together and identify the top 200 people working in the European commission. Then build complete profiles of their assets: what and where. To do that they'll need to get access to personal and nominee bank accounts, here's how.

Roll Switzerland

I reported earlier that the Swiss have dropped banking secrecy for the EU, no doubt after a lot of arm twisting. The US can twist even harder and should get every scrap of financial information on the targets.

Hack BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas looks to be the villain's Bank of Choice - Arafat kept his cash there. There's no way Paribas is going to work with the US, so that means hacking them. I'm sure the FBI and CIA have the requisite skills between them.

With this information, the US can intimidate or expose as it chooses, directly or through proxies. Exposure won't have a big effect on the Southern EU countries (including France) - they expect corruption in their pols. But it would have a huge impact on all the northerners, including Germany.