Friday, April 01, 2005

Saving Europe: The Game Plan

In previous posts I identified the threat the planned integrated EU poses to the US, and yesterday gave a sample of action the US might take. Here's the wider game plan.


The US needs the nations of Europe to be free, democratic and - if not allies - at least not adversaries.


France and Germany are taking the 25 nations of the EU into something which is not free, not democratic and which will follow their policies of opposing the US, both directly and through proxies, notably China.


My solution is the approach used by the US to topple the Soviet Union, as explained in Natan Sharansky's "The Case For Democracy". Of course the EU is not the Soviet Union - it's member states are democracies. But, like the USSR, the EU is run by an unelected and corrupt elite which sustains itself by identifying the US as its external enemy.

So the US objective should be to undermine this core of the EU. And since this core is sustained by France with German support, those nations must be caused to withdraw or at least reduce their support.

The US has to act as an enabler, in concert with its European allies - a direct attack would merely enable its adverseries to call for Europe to circle the waggons. That's why I started this discussion yesterday by suggesting that the US works harder at sustaining its European friendships.

Going forward, I'll be suggesting strategy and tactics in these areas:

Building Friends In Europe
Undermining the EU Core
Marginalizing France
Marginalizing Germany

I'll jump about between these areas, using current news items as they occur, and then pull it all together at the end in 10 days or so. To avoid MEGO, I'll intersperse blogs on other things.

Oh, and if you get a Diplomad-style I Really Must Be Going from Depleted Uranium, that'll be me dragged off by the EU Anti-Corruption Squad, which is used exclusively against whistle blowers. Really! The new Dutch director of the European Commission's internal audit service noted:

...the "unforgiving" way in which the (European) Commission uses its "collective firepower" to "trash" any individual who dares to challenge its corrupt and bullying culture. He recalled how he himself had once been warned not to step out of line, by an official who threatened "we have ways of breaking people like you".