Monday, April 11, 2005

Saving Europe: Gaming The UN Security Council

Most Americans correctly see the UN as corrupt and anti-US. However France and Germany don't see it that way. Which gives the US a great opportunity to put a bullet in European integration. Here's how.

The Security Council has 5 Permanent Members and each has a veto.

United States
United Kingdom

There's also a rotating set of yearly members who don't have vetos, so you can forget them.

Assorted other countries want to be Permanent Members, however they can only be elected if they aren't vetoed by any of the existing Permanent Members. Aspirants are:

South Africa

Now there's no way that the US wants any of the last 4 anywhere near its national interest (which is how they'd play any vetos they obtained). Similarly, the Chinese fear the Japanese and Indians and, to avoid the slippery slope, have said they will veto change. And anyway the UN is a joke, so who's bothered?

Here's a perfectly logical proposal the US can make, that has no chance of being implemented since China would veto it and which would scare the living shit out of the French, German and Brit EU integration elites.

US Proposal For Permanent Members of Security Council

The logic is impeccable since this includes all the world's major economies plus Russia. And since the EU says that it's a merged entity it only gets 1 seat. I'd add the rider that of course if the UK stays out of the merged Europe, it keeps its seat since on its own it is the world's 4th largest economy.

This will drive the French, German and UK pro-integration elites wild! In fact if the US could announce it in a televised forum including Chirac, Schroeder and Blair, the reaction shots will win Pulitzers in the Snuff Movie Category.

More to the point, every French and Brit patriot will be enraged, and will vote against the EU Constitution to avoid losing their precious veto. The Germans don't get to vote on the Constitution but the political pressure on Schroeder will be huge. Game Over for EU Integration.

If any member of the Bush team reads this, please, please make it happen about 2 days before the French referendum on May 29, and don't forget those reaction shots!