Saturday, April 16, 2005

Those Admirable Minutemen

Instead of whining about unchecked immigration in the European manner, the Minutemen are doing something about it. And its working.

Several homeowners along the border have told The Washington Times that the presence of the Minuteman volunteers had resulted in the first time in years that their dogs were quiet and they could get a full night's sleep.

Of course, like Neighborhood Watch, crime is being displaced to less scrutinized areas. But instead of concluding that nothing can be done, more groups are stepping forward to police other areas.

The Minuteman Project border vigil, which has nearly shut down a 20-mile corridor of the U.S.-Mexico border to illegal aliens, has spawned the creation of similar civilian patrols from California to Texas.

The Minutemen's philosophy is is quite different from the government's.

The government believes that things are wrong because they're against the law. So if they can pass a new law, or re-interpret an existing one, they can make wrong behavior legal and criminalize decent behavior. So the human rights of illegal immigrants trump immigration control.

The Minutemen, like most people, believe that things are against the law because they're wrong. Protecting the territory of a nation is its government's first responsibility, and breaking into that territory is wrong.