Monday, April 04, 2005

Top 10 Losers in the Killing of Terri Schiavo

1. Terri
Lest we forget.

2. The State of Florida
Old folks are now about as likely to retire to Florida as Jewish people did to Nazi Germany.

3. The Constitution of the United States
The US judiciary now creates its own laws and overturns the laws of elected lawmakers. Without check.

4. Hospices
Turns out they're for killing rather than dying.

5. The Supreme Court
While declining to decide whether this woman deserved to die, they were eagerly reviewing whether a convicted Mexican murderer deserved the same fate (actually, he wouldn't be killed over a 13 day period).

6. The ACLU
Which spent it's donors' money to kill Terri.

7. American Pollsters
They and/or the American people are totally wacko. Either way, you can't trust what they say.

8. Terrorists
If they can't trust opinion polls showing Americans are wavering, what's the point of expensively attacking American troops during cable prime time?

9. Adulterous Spouses
Now we know they can't just take half of what you have - they can kill you and take it all.

10. Putting a Brave Face on Dying
If you try to look good in your death throes, you just attract creepy necrophiliac lawyers.