Monday, April 04, 2005

Top 10 Winners in the Killing of Terri Schiavo

1. The American People
Americans have at least debated this issue, even if they got the answer wrong. With minimal public debate, the Dutch introduced involuntary euthanasia & the Brits are passing a law enabling the killing of severely mentally deficient people.

2. Churches
Notably the Roman Catholic church. For saying this was Wrong.

3. African Americans
Jesse Jackson was accused of "playing to black voters" by opposing the killing. Thank God for African American voters.

4. Disabled People
Forewarned is forearmed. Now you have ample poll data to confirm that large minorities of your fellow citizens want to kill you.

5. Senior Citizens
You're quite likely do get Alzheimer's, so see 4 above.

6. The Bush Brothers
At least they tried.

7. Trial Lawyers
From now on, no disabled or failing person will put themselves under medical control without a lawyer on call.

8. The Blogosphere
Which kept us right-not-to-be-tortured-to-death folks in touch with others of the same view. If we'd relied on the MSM, we'd have despaired.

9. Torturers
Now they know that the most advanced country in the world is cool with dehydrating people to death. So, no need to bother with energy-inefficient, labor-intensive electric shock and mutilation. Just withhold food & water for 13 days. They'll talk, and you're legal.

10. Grannycam Suppliers
Everybody with a relation in a "care" institution will now want these.