Friday, April 29, 2005

Weasel Words

Via Opinion Journal we learn (I've edited out some Heavy German Humor):

The inhabitants of the island of Lemnos are considering sending out a distress call for German weasels to rid the island of a plague of wild rabbits.

Government restrictions on hunting are preventing the farmers from fighting back.

Enter the Weasel Squad…or at least this is where they would enter if they weren't just so expensive to hire. "I've heard that each one costs about 4,400 euros ($5706)," Baveas sighed. "We would need at least 10 weasels," he dejectedly added.

Lemnos is obviously a bit out of it. German weasels besides costing a great deal, will insist on being fed enormous amounts of odd food in gloomy restaurants, squeal horrible Europop, lecture the Lemnosites on how hard done by German weasels are. And then side with the rabbits.

The Lemnosites would do much better with British Ferrets, currently laying waste to New Zealand. All they need is plenty of rabbits and the opportunity to engage the plucky locals in the bracing sport of Ferret Legging.