Friday, May 27, 2005

Clinton's Brave Sacrifice

Bill Clinton, in Dublin to launch a suicide prevention scheme for young people, bravely cheered them up by getting himself a sound kicking by the Spiny Norman politico The Reverend Ian Paisley.

Former US President Bill Clinton has said the Good Friday Agreement is the only viable option for Northern Ireland.

Speaking in Dublin tonight, Mr Clinton said the next move was in the IRA's court.

He said if the IRA gave up arms and criminality it would put pressure on the DUP.

The 1998 Good Friday between the Brits, Micks, IRA and majority Protestants of Northern Ireland involved giving the IRA political legitimacy in return for them giving up their weapons, killing etc..

It's worked up to a point. The IRA got political legitimacy. But then decided that the rest of the agreement was oppressive. They're still armed to the teeth, running drugs, and murdering away.

Not surprisingly, the non-IRA people in Northern Ireland gave up on Good Friday years ago, tossed the pols who sold it to them and elected sterner stuff, in the form of the Reverend Ian P's DUP.

Here's the Reverend's tactful rejoinder to ex-President Clinton.It helps you read this out loud in a NI accent.

“The discredited ex-President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, simply revealed his unmitigated cheek in going to a country that wants to destroy Ulster’s place in the United Kingdom, and then lectures us that our democratic expression of our own future must be set aside to conform to the will of the country that claims supremacy over it.”

“When Clinton was in the White House, he would not have allowed the Oklahoma bombers to take posts in his government.

Rather, he threatened them with the almighty punishment of his government, yet he dares to dictate to the free people of Northern Ireland that they must have such terrorists in their government.”

“Don’t do what I do, but do what I say — that is the hypocritical way of Bill Clinton, a has-been.”

Don't you feel better already?