Monday, May 23, 2005

Gallic Headwinds

On a lighter note LGF reports a bike ride.

Cycle of Violence: Wind=Hitler
Today’s ride: 35.14 miles, through a fascist coast-hugging fog, with a hegemonic headwind in both directions. You may ask, “How can a cyclist have a hegemonic headwind in both directions?” Answer: when the wind changes direction at the same time you do. Gotta hate that.

Wind-thwarting happens to runners too. The nicest run in my repertoire is across San Francisco bay:
- leave car at SF Ferry Embarcadero terminal
- run West along the bay through Fisherman's Wharf and the Marina, then up through the Presidio onto and across the Golden Gates bridge
- on North shore run down to Sausolito
- take ferry back to SF.

Except that - the wind is always in your face. It makes 3 precisely timed changes in direction. Where else do we see constant opposition regardless of the direction we take? You know, opposing the Iraq war as unilateral and condemning US refusal to talk to the NoKos unilaterally? Right, it's our frog gnawing friends.

Thinking about winds this way makes running against them much easier - just another routine exercise wading through the French.