Sunday, May 29, 2005

Getting Hotter

It was 87 degrees (30N) on my run this morning, but heart monitor reported that my systems have smoothly adjusted to the temperature hike.

Spring flowers mostly gone, but the cactuses are getting fat. Must find recipe for cactus - the fresh green ears ones look quite tasty. Saw rabbit droppings in a country lane, so some have obviously survived the native habit of shooting everything furry that moves.

This morning was Confirmation day at our cathedral-sized church. Extended families turned out looking extra spiffy - men in suits, women in smart outfits with hats.

Kids being confirmed were small girls, I think about 5 (but I'm a notoriously poor age estimator). They wore traditional wedding-type dresses, with white head-scarves and lots of lace. With a few grumpy exceptions, they behaved like little princesses, which in this culture they are. And they all looked very cute, as did the proud parents and extended families that turned out, took photos and headed off to celebration lunches.

This is a low trust society, but the Church does a stellar job providing benign social control. Which means there's very little crime and when these kids grow up they'll be able to wander back home from clubbing, wearing minimalist party outfits, in the early hours of the morning. And be perfectly safe.

Which is unimaginably safer than anywhere we've lived in the UK and US. On the other hand the economy here isn't up to much.

Of course if Catholic modernizers have their way, that will change: kids will no longer be safe. And the economy will still be lousy.

Ooops, this was supposed to be a fluffy bunny post, sorree.