Thursday, May 19, 2005

Il Ritorno

Back after 18 days in Italia, here's what seems to have been happening, based on conversations in broken Italian and from blearily peering at tiny TVs in bars.

1. Juventus scored convincing wins over Milan and Parma
2. Italian female gameshow contestants are wearing their eyelashes, skirts & tops a whopping 3" long this year
3. Silvio Berlusconi is bad for Roman cab drivers, for some unspecified reason
4. John Bolton has been thrashed by the BBC and Senate for lying to Colin Powell about WMD
5. CNN and Newsweek have exposed the horror of Gitmo and the Muslim world has responded with restraint, murdering only 20 or so innocents
6. Tony Blair has been re-elected & his vampiric opponent is retiring with suspicious alacrity
7. A shock poll reports that all nations dislike the French

As soon as I've added an Italian female gameshow site to my blogroll (all suggestions welcome), I'll offer insightful analysis of these developments.