Saturday, May 28, 2005

In Defense of Knives

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler does a nice fisk on the moonbat Brit Doctor call for a knife ban. By contrast, I'd make it a legal requirement that every Brit household has at least one long knife. Here's why.

The most crime-free place I lived in the US recommended this procedure when you caught a burglar in your house.

1. Shoot him from about 5 yards with your shotgun. It'll likely be low light and a shotgun has a nice wide spread so he'll be gone.

2. Call the Sheriff.

3. The Sheriff will sympathize, say he'll be right out, and mention that in these circumstances he usually finds a knife next to the burglar's body.

4. Unless there already is one, place knife next to body after wrapping burglar's fingers round it.

5. Call the 24 hour Dead Burglar House Cleaners (see Yellow Pages) to clean up the very considerable mess.

Burglary in the UK will decline dramatically when someone has the presence of mind to do this.