Saturday, May 28, 2005

Now You Know

Many in the US MSM believe that if the EU Constitution is unpopular with the French and the Brits, it must be a good compromise. It ain't so: the Brits don't like it because it is non-democratic and will kill their economy, whereas the French don't like it because it doesn't give them everything they want.

The difference arises because the Brits (High Trust) expect to to obey all of the Constitution, whereas the French (Low Trust) will only to obey the parts that benefit them.

Here's a current example.


When American war veterans and US Air Force members gather at the American military cemetery near Cambridge to mark their Memorial Day next weekend, the aircraft type that many of those in the 5,124 graves once flew in, the B17 bomber, will be conspicuous by its absence.

The last Flying Fortress in Britain will not be making a tribute flypast because it has been grounded by a new European regulation that puts the B17 into the weight category of an airliner, boosting its insurance premium by an unaffordable 500 per cent.

A Brit commentator remarks.

It is painful to read the letters from a British minister and the head of our Civil Aviation Authority, explaining how, since this is a Brussels regulation, they have no power to grant an exemption for the B-17, although it may seem absurd that the law has been drafted on such a one-size-fits-all basis.

The news story continues (my emphases):

(The EU rule) took effect on May 1, with no exceptions allowed, and applies across the EU.

It is also supposed to affect the only other B17 flying in Europe - Pink Lady, operating in France - although a spokesman for the company said the French government had not enforced the rule and Pink Lady was flying as normal.

Get the picture?