Sunday, May 29, 2005

Whack A Mullah

Iran's barbarous rulers do this to women and girls. Slaughter of the defenseless was the hallmark of Hitler, Mao and Stalin. So the Mullahs CANNOT be allowed to get nukes.

Current plans are to bunker-bust their facilities, but the Mullahs have had plenty of time to hide and protect them. It's worth a try, but if it fails, how do we remove the Mullahs without harming the Iranian people?

Here's a solution that could be deployed within three years: use drones to track and kill the Mullahs. Then help the Iranian people to take control of their lives. If, as a democracy, they then decide to keep nukes, that's fine.

The technology works like this.

1. Micro Drones

You need drones that are small & quiet enough to get inside a building undetected; that supply good imaging in low light, and can kill one individual. They need secure communications that will work from inside the buildings (palaces etc).

The Israelis are close to this. I suspect you'd need a 2 tier system with the hunter/killer drones talking to a nearby repeater drone that had satellite uplink.

2. Targeting Data

To enable the drones to find targets autonomously, you'd need automatic target recognition. I'd use the facial recognition currently deployed by the Brits against the IRA & now planned for ID Cards. For this to work, all you need is a reasonable resolution full-face image of the target.

Pictures of many of the Mullahs are available and US and UK intelligence services should be able to fill in gaps.

3. Software

Co-ordinating thousands of drones is a big but well, understood task. I'd modify a modern Air Traffic Control system - perhaps the UK one if they have the bugs out of it.

4. Operator Training

Each drone needs a skilled operator who can keep it undetected, reconnoiter areas to locate likely targets, home in, then carry out the attack. Possibly in swarms with others. Interestingly, teenaged videogamers are very good at these tasks.

So now all you need is a training program that gets you thousands of potential operators, so you can select the cream of the crop.

My suggestion is a commercial videogame called, say, Whack A Mullah providing a simulation of all of the above. Combining the flight and combat genres should make for a highly popular game. It would use best available simulations of the Mullah's palaces & a regularly updated image database of the targets.

Players would be pitted against all the countermeasures the Iranians and their allies (Fwench, Russians) might deploy. From simple things like nets and disguise all the way up to micro-radar and lasers.

Finally, you'd need the supporting website to download pix of new Mullahs, maintain scoreboards, run tactical discussion forums etc.

This sounds so good, I might just build it myself...