Friday, May 20, 2005

Whining Germans

The Germans had it easy in WW2, and if they don't quit whining about it, I'm going to demote them to Doug Piranha status.

Modern Germans want us to forget their nation's depraved and systematic slaughter, rape and destruction in the 2 wars they launched, while remembering with sympathy the vengeance they suffered.

LGF reports a Der Spiegel article 'Dresden Bombing Is To Be Regretted Enormously'.

The Feb. 13, 1945 bombing of Dresden by the British Royal Air Force has become a symbol (to whining Germans) for excessive, gratuitous violence on the part of the Allies during World War II.
(My elipsis).

In fact the allied destruction of Germany's industry, cities and military did a great favor to the Germans. It taught them that armed robbery is a lousy national strategy, and that prosperity has to be earned. In doing this, the allies paid a much higher price in blood and money than the Germans. And then we helped them rebuild and taught them a form of democracy.

There's a good summary of the raid here. Dresden was the 7th largest city in Germany, the junction of three great trunk routes in the German railway system. Its factories made poison gas and guns. It was destroyed to prevent the Germans switching troops to the fight the Russians on the Eastern Front.

Dresden's position as a transportation hub was similar to the island of Malta, which the Germans and Italians subjected to much heavier and prolonged bombing before the RAF and Royal Navy shut them down.

Here's a comparison, with the Hiroshima included for good measure:

Attack Duration2 Days3 years1 Minute
Kilotons dropped3.917.015.0

Because it was attacked over an extended period, Malta kilotonnage had much greater lethality than those on Dresden and Hiroshima. Explosions follow the inverse square law, so spreading them in space and time maximizes the damage. That's why, if you were to nuke, say, Paris, you'd put down a pattern of 50 or so sub-megaton airbursts on a 10 Km grid rather than one big 50 megaton burst over the Eiffel Tower. Just an example.