Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Avoid SCOTUS During Thunderstorms

SCOTUS has moved from dispossessing working class people to mocking God, a really bad idea. On the bright side, look for a bunch of vacancies soon.

The despots have ruled that the Ten Commandments upon which the light of Western Civilization is founded may be used only as historic interior decor.

They should have thought about this precedent. In 1984, a lefty atheist was appointed Bishop in the Church of England.

He has pursued what he calls an “open, liberal theology” and raised doubts about the historical accuracy of the Gospel accounts of the resurrection and virgin birth. In Easter in 1984 he challenged the orthodox view of the Resurrection by saying that it was “not just a conjuring trick with bones”.

He was crowned (or whatever they do with bishops) in the ancient York Minster.

Just Three days later:

Historic York Minster engulfed by flames

A massive fire has devastated large parts of York Minster causing an estimated £1m damage.

North Yorkshire Fire Brigade's report to the Home Office confirmed that lightning was the most likely cause.

The Lord minimized collateral damage by timing his strike 3 days after the crowning, and when the Minster was empty. SCOTUS may not get the same forbearance - as well as speaking evil, they do it.

So, stay clear.