Friday, June 17, 2005

Back in the First World

London compared with Southern Med. Ignoring the weather of course (although it's not too bad at the moment - 74 degrees).


Buzz. Perpetual upgrade of London continues. New shops and bars and restaurants.

Ubiquitous technology. Mobile service workers all have pocket PCs. Tickets for everything available online.

Supermarkets. Stellar quality produce, huge assortment, very sophisticated online shopping, rapid, efficient home delivery.

Transportation. Heathrow Express best airport to center link I've used - beats Narita -> Tokyo. But it runs BBC News, see below. Underground. Taxis. Wide sidewalks. People don't barge into you as they do in most other European capitals.


Integrated immigrants. People of every color with pure cockney accents.


BBC. Still sending sneakily worded threats. Looking forward to meeting their enforcers.

London vehicle charging system. The Jew-hating mayor of London is doubling its size - the original scheme isn't yielding the revenue he'd planned. Why might that be? So now if you get a rental car, its almost impossible to get out of London without paying $15. If your planning traveling around the UK, stay outside of London nd come in by train.

Expensive Restaurants. 25% to 50% more than the US equivalent. Good quality though.

Pretentious cars. Smart cars & Bentley Continentals (expensive VWs).