Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blair Wants to Bail Out

Blair wants to walk away form the mess he's helped create in Europe and instead focus on his vision of Aid For African Dictators Who Don't Bank In the UK. Not so fast buddy - in real life, you have to clean up before you get to start over.

First, let us share Blair's pain.

Tony Blair has given up on Europe as an issue worth fighting for, senior allies of the Prime Minister have told The Sunday Telegraph.

A leading Blairite cabinet minister made the admission last night as the European Union descended into deeper turmoil, with doubts surfacing over the future of the single currency.
Tony Blair: ‘Africa is worth fighting for. Europe... is not’

Mr Blair, who will seek to shift the focus of his administration on to poverty in the Third World this week during talks with President Bush, has told his closest allies: "Africa is worth fighting for. Europe, in its present form, is not."

So he wants to leave the Brits weighed down with a load of statist Nanny State wealth-creation-destroying measures that he's let the EU to force into Brit law without debate? Like this one, for example?

What a creep! If he showed this cut-and-run behavior in my field of software development, he'd never make the lowliest team leader slot.

Still, the good news is that the President will tell him to forget is African Vision. So he'll have to focus on getting the Brits out of the wreckage of the EU. And he'll emerge a sadder but wiser man for that.