Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blair's Debt Project

Of the 34 Heavily Indebted Poor Counties (HIPCs) Blair wants the US to "help", only 5 are less corrupt than Russia and freer than Paraguay. If he doesn't want the aid to go straight to banks in France or Switzerland, he should concentrate on these five:

Ghana (Kofi Annan's country, the bar must be low!)

Any aid left can be spent getting rid of the dictators in the other 29 countries.

Here are the numbers.

Number of HIPC States
Corruption worse than Estonia but better than Russia5
Corruption same or worse than Russia17
Corruption unmeasured, likely off the scale12

Number of HIPC States
Freer than Paraguay5
Near Fear State - between Russia and Paraguay16
Full Fear State - Angola and worse13

Needless to say, the data shows almost 100% correlation between Lack of Corruption and Freedom.